Trip 1: The Headwaters

Trip 2: Jefferson Road to Reed Road

Trip 3: Reed Road to US 127

Trip 4: US 127 to Loomis Road

Trip 5: Loomis Road to Vandercook Lake

Trip 6: Vandercook Lake to Ella Sharp Park

Trip 7: Ella Sharp Park to US 127

Trip 8: US 127 to Liberty Street

Trip 9: North Street to Maple Grove Road

Trip 10: Maple Grove Road to US 127

Trip 11: US 127 to the Tompkins Road DNR Access

For current readings: Jackson Grand River Cubic Feet Discharge & Depth Gauges
Please note: The depth gauge needs to be under 10.5 feet to paddle under downtown Jackson railroad trestles. Higher readings also can make the river unsafe in many other locations.

For Maps of GREAT's current year trips, use Calendar button. Scroll Down to view previous years. Included are maps of other area water bodies in addition to the Grand River.