NEED YOUR HELP! Invasive Species Removal on GREAT's land. Meet at GREAT's pole barn, end of Cardinal Crest Dr, off Lanisng Av. (Map) December 7th, 9 AM--Noon. To RENEW your MEMBERSHIP or JOIN for 2020: mail membership form or pay on-line. As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, GREAT dues are normally tax deductible. Are you familiar with GREAT LOGO ITEMS available on-line? To learn about participation in EXPEDITION 2020, the every 10 yr. paddle of the Grand River from Jackson to Lake Michigan, July 5-18

Channel 10 TV Coverage of GREAT's 2019 Annual Grand River Clean-up


The mission of GREAT is to promote the protection and preservation of the Grand River Watershed through activities and educational programs.

Founded in 1990, the Grand River Environmental Action Team is a local 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of and restoration of the Upper Grand River Watershed in Jackson County of south central Michigan. Map

GREAT organizes clean-up activities & monthly public canoe outings to create environmental awareness.

Annual Report 2018



Brooklyn Rd. bridge and a 1918 rail bridge span the Grand..

Current readings: Jackson Grand River Cubic Feet Discharge & Depth Gauges
Please note: The depth gauge needs to be under 10.5 feet for kayaks and under 10 feet for canoes to paddle under downtown Jackson railroad trestles. Higher readings also can make the river unsafe in many other locations.

The Upper Grand River Watershed is Special in Several Ways

  • At 260 miles, the Grand River is longest river in the State of Michigan and the second largest watershed.Map
  • The two branches of the Grand River begin at Grand Lake and Center Lake Chain (natural beginnings) in Jackson County and join east of Jackson dropping 467 feet to Grand Haven on Lake Michigan.
  • Headwaters of the Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, and Raisin Rivers are also close. They all flow west to Lake Michigan, except the Raisin which flows east to Lake Erie.
  • Jackson County sits on one of the largest aquifers in North America.
  • There are over 200 miles of river waterways to paddle and hundreds of small lakes.
  • Some of the largest remaining wetlands in lower Michigan are located in this watershed.
  • The potential in this area for river and lake recreation is enormous.

Adopt A Stream Monitoring Dates
Stream Collection:Stream Collection:February 1st, 2020, 1-4 PM, (12:30 PM if first time) Jackson County Conservation Office, 211 W. Ganson, Suite 200, Jackson, MI 49201; RSVP  (517) 395-2088 or ID Night Portion of Adopt-A-Stream TBA. at Jackson College.

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