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2010 Events

Expedition 2010 summary slides

Michigan Center Dam to Lions Park
Grand River

Joint Dahlem-GREAT Trip

A beautiful fall day for the 50 paddlers who enjoyed this route with the nice variety of different stretchs of woods, wetlands, and urban buildings. At the take-out, participants enjoyed a cookout put on Dahlem Nature Center.


Brooklyn to Norvell Dam
River Raisin

With 62 paddlers, this was one GREAT's bigger trips participants wise. The route is very pristine as paddlers are almost hidden by the very high water plants as they paddle through the adjacenet wetlands.


Lions Park to Maple Grove
Grand River

A nice day for the 60 paddlers who participated in GREAT's 100th public paddle trip. Extensive clearing efforts starting over a year before to create channels through the many debris jams and fallen trees made this trip possible and also in preparation for Expedition 2010 a few days later, the every ten event to paddle the entire length of the Grand River starting in Jackson. A cake and drinks were enjoyed after to celebrate GREAT's 100th paddling milestone and to honor GREAT historian and long active environmentalist, Betty Desbien, celebrating her 90th birthday.


Kent Lake

Huron River
Joint Great Lakes Paddlers (GLP)-GREAT Trip

Because of dangerously high waters on the Huron River, the event was changed last minute to Kent Lake. Even though it was 70 miles from Jackson, 41 GREAT paddlers showed up for this event which the Great Lakes Paddlers (GLP), hosted us. The large lake was calm as we paddled north to see the osprey nesting platform and then returned to the put-in. A nice cookout provided by the GLP was the enjoyed by all.


Hillsdale to Jonesville
St Joseph River

High waters changed the original location at Fayette St to several streets downstream, but made the portage around the breached dam easilier and safer for the 67 paddlers (3rd highest turnout). GREAT hosted the Great Lakes Paddlers (GLP) from Washtenaw County. Also participating was author "Doc" Fletcher, author of two books about paddling Michigan Rivers (http://www.canoeingmichiganrivers.com). A nice cookout was enjoyed by many at park where paddlers took out.


Earth Day


The rain did not prevent this fine event for local outdoor and environmental organizations, althought it did hault it for well over an hour. GREAT had 16 adults and 14 minor paricipants go out in our boats, most in the last hour as the weather cleared.


Sandstone Creek

Forty seven paddlers of a wide range of ages came out on this brisk but beautiful day to begin GREAT's 2010 season. This pristine tributary to the Grand River has a small trout population.